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Polly now has a Polly-Contrib to allow the community to contribute policies or other enhancements around Polly with a low burden of ceremony.

Have a contribution you'd like to publish under Polly-Contrib? Contact us with an issue here or on Polly's Slack, and we can set up a CI-ready Polly.Contrib repository to which you have full rights, to help you manage and deliver your awesomeness to the community!

We also provide:

Both templates contain a full project structure referencing Polly, Polly's default build targets, and a build to build and test your contrib and make a NuGet package.

Available via Polly-Contrib

  • Polly.Contrib.WaitAndRetry: a collection of concise helper methods for common wait-and-retry strategies; and a new jitter formula combining exponential back-off with a very even distribution of randomly-jittered retry intervals.
  • Polly.Contrib.AzureFunctions.CircuitBreaker: a distributed circuit-breaker implemented in Azure Functions; consumable in Azure Functions, or from anywhere over http.
  • Simmy: our chaos engineering project.
  • Polly.Contrib.TimingPolicy: a starter policy to publish execution timings of any call executed through Policy.
  • Polly.Contrib.LoggingPolicy: a policy simply to log handled exceptions/faults, and rethrow or bubble the fault outwards.